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SBA Startup Loan Features

Loans Up to $5M

Obtain funding from $100k to $5 million, ensuring your new venture has sufficient capital to launch successfully.

Extended Repayment Terms

Loan terms range from 10 to 25 years, offering you low payments to support your business's cash flow effectively.

Preserve Liquidity

Start your business with a minimum equity injection of 10%, which can be sourced from a family gift.

Buy Commercial Real Estate

You have the option of either leasing space or purchasing commercial real estate for your new business.

Start a Business: The LoanBud Advantage

Preserve Equity and Control

Unlike venture capital or equity financing, our SBA startup loans allow you to maintain full ownership and control over your business decisions.

Boost Business Growth

SBA startup loans enable you to invest in inventory, equipment, marketing, and other essential growth drivers, accelerating your business's success.

Support Job Creation

By securing an SBA startup loan, you contribute to job creation and strengthen your community through local economic growth.

Pre-Requisites for SBA Startup Loan

Minimum FICO Score

640 Experian model v2

Use of Funds

Working Capital, Inventory, Equipment, Renovation, Leasehold Improvements, Commercial Real Estate (owner-occupied)


The guarantor(s) must have transferrable experience. Strong business plan (preferrably professionally written) and projections are needed. If the guarantor(s) have real estate with at least 25% equity to pledge as collateral, it will strengthen the likelihood of approval

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We have extensive experience across various industries, enabling us to provide specialized guidance and support tailored to your business type.

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Trusted Lending Partner

As a trusted SBA lending partner, we understand the importance of providing reliable and accessible financing options to small businesses. Our commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed is reflected in our comprehensive suite of SBA loan products and services.

Our experienced team of SBA lending specialists is dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs throughout the loan application and approval process. We work closely with each client to tailor loan packages that meet their specific needs, from startup capital to expansion financing.

With over 100 years of combined SBA lending experience, our team will be your advocate and guide you to a successful loan funding.

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