Jon Rector

VP, Business Lending Officer

Jon Rector, a seasoned VP and Business Lending Officer at LoanBud, is dedicated to
empowering business owners and investors to realize their growth aspirations through
responsible financing. Drawing from his experience at a top-10 SBA lending institution, Jon
delivers an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise to every client engagement.

What distinguishes Jon is his unwavering commitment to his clients, treating them as if they
were cherished family members or friends. He ensures attentive, responsive service throughout the entire lending journey. Jon’s profound understanding of the lending industry and his passion for fostering enduring relationships position him as a vital asset to LoanBud and its clients.

A proud Liberty University alumnus, Jon is also an avid sports enthusiast, passionately
supporting Philadelphia sports teams. With unwavering dedication, enthusiasm, and
determination, he approaches every facet of his life, whether on the field or in the office. For a
knowledgeable and empathetic lending partner to help you reach your business or investment
objectives, Jon Rector at LoanBud is the ideal choice.

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