Patrick Brassil

VP, Business Lending Officer

With over two decades of banking, insurance, and business development expertise, Patrick Brassil has established himself as a leading figure in the financial industry. As a Vice President and Business Lending Officer at LoanBud, Patrick has dedicated his career to helping businesses of all sizes unlock their full potential through strategic financial solutions.

Patrick and his team have successfully funded over $2 billion in commercial, residential, and SBA loans, significantly impacting the growth and development of countless businesses. Patrick’s unwavering commitment to his clients is evident in his keen focus on working with self-employed borrowers, ensuring they receive the financing they need to thrive in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Patrick’s educational background includes a degree from Loyola University, where he honed his skills and deepened his understanding of the complex world of finance. This foundation, combined with his extensive real-world experience, enables Patrick to offer tailored advice and support to a diverse range of clients.

Outside of his professional life, Patrick is an avid golfer and a passionate advocate for youth sports. He enjoys coaching his children’s baseball team and instilling in them the values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. In addition, Patrick enjoys traveling and appreciates the opportunity to explore new cultures and destinations, continuously broadening his horizons and gaining fresh perspectives to bring back to his work.

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