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Up to $500k in 30 days for working capital, equipment, inventory, debt refinance and more.

SBA Boost™ Loan Features

Grow Your Business

Expand your business by refinancing debt, buying equipment, purchasing inventory and obtaining working capital.

Flexible Guidelines

More business owners can qualify with flexible debt service coverage ratio requirements and a minimum FICO score of 640.

10-Year Payment Terms

Extended repayment terms provide lower monthly payments and increase cash flow for your business.

Loans up to $500,000

Make significant investments in your business; expand and accelerate your growth with up to $500k in 30 days.

SBA Boost™: The LoanBud Advantage

Boost Working Capital

Get the working capital you need to cover daily expenses, manage payroll, and navigate fluctuating market conditions.

Consolidate Debt

Save thousands of dollars per month by consolidating short-term loans like merchant cash advances, term loans, and lines of credit.

Hire More Employees

Grow your team and recruit top talent while creating jobs for your local community.

Increase Inventory

Expand inventory to meet customer demand and maintain a healthy supply chain to improve your bottom line.

Upgrade Equipment

Purchase or upgrade the equipment you need to improve your business's productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Pre-Requisites for SBA Boost™ Loan

Minimum FICO Score

640 Experian model v2

Time in Business

2 years

Use of Funds

Working Capital, Debt Refi, Inventory, Equipment, Commercial Real Estate.

Revenue Based Loan Option

Loans up to $150k may qualify even if tax returns show a loss (minimum 700 FICO).

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What Sets Us Apart

Fast Funding

Quick closings allow you rapid access the capital you need to keep your business moving forward.

Lower Payments

Enjoy reduced monthly payments with 10-year repayment terms and SBA-backed interest rates.

Pre-Qualification Assistance

Our team of experts assess your SBA Boost™ eligibility before you start the application process and guide you to a successful closing.

Our Team of SBA Bankers

Started by former SBA bankers, LoanBud understands all aspects of lending. We’re your advocate, and we get it right the first time.

Why an SBA Boost™ Loan?

With our extended 10-year loan terms, you’ll enjoy increased cash flow for your business. Secure the inventory and equipment you require, refinance existing business debt, and obtain the essential working capital to foster your business’s growth and expansion.

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Trusted Lending Partner

As a trusted SBA lending partner, we understand the importance of providing reliable and accessible financing options to small businesses. Our commitment to helping entrepreneurs succeed is reflected in our comprehensive suite of SBA loan products and services.

Our experienced team of SBA lending specialists is dedicated to assisting small business owners throughout the loan application and approval process. We work closely with each borrower to tailor loan packages that meet their specific needs, from startup capital to expansion financing.

With over 100 years of combined SBA lending experience, our team will be your advocate and guide you to a successful loan funding. 

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